And we agree

Justin Upton recently sat down with Ken Rosenthal to discuss his hype his standing as a player in this league. We were a bit surprised at his swagger. But we liked it.

Q: What is the one thing that he (brother B.J. Upton) probably wishes he could do as well as you?

A: I think he wishes he could hit for power like I do. There has never really been separation between us. He still hits for power, but there are two different kinds of power. He hits lofty, towering home runs. Every once in a while, he will hit that liner out of the yard. My power is different than that. It’s hard to explain. Putting a charge in the ball, he doesn’t do that. He just kind of backspins the ball. I kind of put a charge in it.

So you’re a better power hitter than B.J.? You hit fucking blasts and he hits pussy shots that barely get out. Who would win in horse shoes?