A Cinco De Maya Anecdote & Feeling

The date was Cinco De Mayo 2004. It was a warm spring day much like we had here in Ohio yesterday. Me and a few fraternity brothers had rolled home from the bar early in the night because we had 2 games the next day. We flipped on Baseball Tonight on ESPN to see that Adam Dunn had crushed a majestic and beautiful opposite field bomb en route to leading the Cincinnati Reds to a 10 inning victory. The blast was Dunn’s 10th of the season that year. Also homering in the game and taking part in the celebration of their heritage were Javier Valentin and Juan Castro.

You see, we have an idea that Cinco De Mayo is one of Dunn’s favorite holidays. We knew that he was going to hit a bomb yesterday to celebrate; we even predicted his exact stat line to a friend prior to watching him go out and do it at a sports bar.

And go deep he did. To the tune of 463 feet, missing leaving the stadium completely by 1 row. He hits balls into arcade places of baseball stadiums. He crushes fucking balls where they aren’t meant to be reach. And he did it off of a player whom we’ve always love to hit in video games, Ryan Dempster!

Cinco De Mayo is fun. Video games are fun. Long home runs are fun. When you’ve got Dunn, you’ve got fun. And that’s why we love em’.