The 2008 DiamondBacks join an elite group

You might remember early on this season when we told you that this DiamondBacks team quietly reminds us of the 2000 Seattle Mariners. Well now they’re like that Mariners team in another way. The DiamondBacks of 2008 have joined the 2000 Mariners as the only teams in baseball history to win 20 games in April.

If you want our prediction as of now, and we’ve been saying it since the opening series of the season when they left Cincinnati; this DiamondBacks has all the making of a team that will go to the World Series…. and lose to the Red Sox in 5 games.

Note: You might have noted the DBacks won their most recent game on the strength of a Micah Owings homerun (he’s a pitcher). Here is a stat you might not know: of ALL batters in ML history with greater than 75 at bats – there are only FOUR players with a better career OPS. Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ted WIlliams and Barry Bonds – Micah is #5 on the list.