'Gutless Reds' and their band of rogues

The Reds dropped another one tonight. This wasn’t unlike any other night, really; except that I predicted it. In the first inning you’ve got 2nd and 3rd, 1 out and Brandon Phillips (who’s been getting hot) at the plate. Phillips hits a ground ball that would lead to the most deflating double play I’ve seen in my lifetime. Corey Patterson gets into a rundown between 3rd and home plate, allowing Jeff Keppinger to advance from 2nd base. Keppinger makes like a sly fox and slides into 3rd while Patterson peels off, giving himself up for the second out. Then the dumb fuck, Keppinger gets up and begins to run back to second base. End of story, end of inning. I told my buddy that “they probably won’t get another hit till the 8th inning when it’s 7-0.”

They one-upped me. They didn’t get another hit until the 9th inning, which was of the bloop variety from Brandon Phillips. They were down 7-0. I shit you not. Then Adam Dunn comes up and hits his customary 2-pointer when the game is out of reach for his 4th home run of the season.

Like clockwork. They’re bad and they’re predictably bad.