Throwing it around

Hi, hello, and welcome to our new .Com version of this blog. We’re like the big boys now. Here’s some monday links to make your day go faster; or get you in trouble for reading them at work. Or whatever.

-Ken Griffey Jr. is 3 home runs away from 600. More people should be focusing on this amazing accomplishment. I know that we’re going to try to be at Great American Ball Park when he does it. [Sportaphile]
-A detailed post about how to fix the Cincinnati Reds [Seeing Reds]
-A couple possible deals in the future that could involve Adam Dunn & Brian Roberts. [Bleacher Report]
-Remember how much we love Jason Werth? Well Orestes Destrade thinks his mom is a MILF. [Y! Sports Big League Stew]
-Scott Hatteberg would like to be traded. Take a number, Scott. [MLB Trade Rumors]
-Lastly, we told you Matt Chico was the worst pitcher in the Major Leagues. [Nationals Enquirer]