Clemens took a fancy to Mindy McCready

My first thought when hearing the rumor? Roger Clemens must have pictures of Jose Canseco in some drag or something. Something is rotten in Denmark and I’m picking up the scent.

Yeah that’s right. Remember in Canseco’s first book, Juiced he went strangely out of his way to tell us all that every single Major Leaguer in baseball cheats on their wives at sometime or another; but NOT Roger Clemens. He’d never ever cheat. Not even once. By the way did I make it clear that Roger Clemens doesn’t cheat on his wife? I mean it was that blatant of a statement a few times in the book, I remember thinking ‘what in the hell does Canseco keep going back to that for?’ You also in the recent history had Canseco’s false cover-up of Clemens at his house party when Clemens decided to do steroids. Canseco wants to blow everyone else up in Major League Baseball but he won’t touch Clemens. Something seems off.

Perhaps, Clemens threw Canseco a large large chunk of change when the steroids stuff got hot on the press and Canseco promised to cover for him. I can see Roger saying ‘and oh by the way, I’ll throw you an extra million if you say I’ve NEVER cheated on my wife’. Then Clemens thinking of “that’ll cover up that shit with Mindy McCready.”

My question to Roger is….. couldn’t you do any better than that bro?

-Roger Clemens’ affair with a 15-year old country singer. [Deadspin]