All is right on a sunday night in America's best baseball city

If you want our opinion, St. Louis is the finest baseball city in America. The fans are like that of the Green Bay Packers. They haven’t got quite the tradition of the Yankees, or even the history; but there is nothing that says the Great American Ballgame to us like that sea of red that gathers for 9 innings to cheer on the Cards.
They’ve still got baseball’s best player, as of now, as of the moment. Baseball’s best player Albert Pujols, aka Gigantosaur, homered to dead center field today in the New Busch Stadium to deliver the death blow to the Houston Astros. Kyle Lohse improved to 3-0 on the season (did we ever tell you that we sat at a poker table with his former agent?) and the Cardinals are now 16-10 on the season.

They’re welcoming the Cubs to town next sunday night. We’ll be sure to tune in for what is a first place NL Central showdown.