There's never an excuse for getting dry-gulched

And well, there isn’t. I go to the grocery store last night to get a tin of Peach Skoal after a long day; low and behold I’m the dumb one. What schnook buys a tin at a grocery store anyway? Everyone knows if you want a quality tin, you buy it from the Circle K down the street from your condo, and you get Skoal Mint or Straight because that is what always is fresh. You also go to “the Circle” because they have 2 for $5 packs while Kroger offer 1 for $5.65.

That tin I bought last night that ruined my day and baseball watching last night was probably sitting back behind their tobacco counter since last baseball season. I was the idiot that gave it a home.

You might wonder what the above clip had to do with anything. Well, I really like Dwight from This Boy’s Life. He’s one of my favorite movie characters of all time. It also reminded me of the dry gulch dip.