Perfection in Arizona

Tonight on MLB2K8, I accomplished a feat that I’ve never ventured to on a baseball video game. On All-Star difficulty, Danny Haren went 27 up, 27 down baby. Haren struck out 9 and when Jeff Baker pinch hit as the final batter of the game, after 8 and 2/3 hitless were in the books; my stomach was queasy. My knees were weak. I felt like I was on the mound. Haren had little left but he was gutting it out.

Baker hit a line drive to right, and a night to remember would be completed as Justin Upton ran under it and made that final out. I had done it. I had thrown a perfect game against a legitimate skill level.

I knew that if I didn’t get that final out I’d never have gotten that close again. It had to happen right then. Even if only polygons, those players that were lucky enough to be out on that field will have their night to remember forever.