Every sunday morning there they are; and every sunday morning here you come

I never thought when I made this post about Mitch Albom’s ears, it would garner so many hits to this site. Mitch Albom is one of the show hosts on the ESPN sunday morning show The Sports Reporters. It should serve as no surprise then that when I review my traffic report on sundays (now specifically for that reason) there are enormous amounts of hits for the same thing. It is something that people want to marvel at and aparently; read about.

“Mitch Albom ears”

Or occassionally:

“Mitch Albom’s ears”

I’ve even seen a search or two for “Mike Albom, whats wrong with his ears??”

I mean they’re definitely kind of different looking, no doubt. He’s not the most normal looking of men. In fact, he reminds me of a small, bitter, evil troll. That said, never once in my many sunday mornings of waking up and listening to Mike Lupica bitch about this and that, and John Saunders captivate an audience with a beautiful send-off, have I been interested in reading about; or Google searching “Mitch Albom ears”.

The fact that there are humans out there that really wanna dig deeper and find more on this topic amazes me almost more than the way those little nodes on the side of his big noggin look.

There’s certain terms you expect to pop up as an individual’s search topic more than others. Grady Sizemore girlfriend, Todd Helton steroids, Josh Hamilton tattoos. Those are things that people are interested in and want to read about. And those are acceptable things to be looking around the internet for, perhaps. But no one brings them through the turnstiles of the internet like old faithful: Mitch Albom ears.

Thank God for sunday mornings, and Mitch Albom having the weirdest pair of ears on earth. Search till your little heart is content. Let me know what you find.