Could we have just witnessed the end of the Big Hurt?

Naga, Naga, Nagunna work here anymore.

Frank Thomas was released by the Toronto Blue Jays today, leaving the 500 Home Run club member without a team.

And he wasn’t happy about it.

“They do that after 16 games, after 60 at-bats. That’s bulls—. We all know what’s behind this. What else could be behind this but the money?”

“What the f— is that, with my track record, they know what I can do,” Thomas said. “I tried to be the nice guy, the gentleman. I’ve kept my mouth shut.

“But I know I can hit. One good week and I’d be back on top. I know I haven’t hit the ball that well but I’m not the only f—ing player. Look at (Gary) Sheffield with Detroit, (David) Ortiz with Boston. I know I can hit, that I can get on fire.”

For as great of an offensive weapon as Thomas has been in his career, he’s also gotten quite surly with his old age. He might be more trouble to a team than good with his tempermental state. At this point in his career, he can’t play anything but designated hitter, so that cuts the league in half in terms of where Thomas could catch on. Then you start thinking about American League teams, and most have pretty solid DH options. They’re certainly not going to dial Thomas up to be a role player who gets a few at-bats per week; that was his gripe in the first place.

It might not be official, but in my mind; this is the end of one of the greatest hitters of our era.