These guys were nearly playing when I went to work

The game began with Jake Peavy throwing 8 shutout innings and striking out 11 and didn’t end until 6 hours and 16 minutes had passed and the Rockies had survived it with a 2-1 victory with a double from the unlikeliest of heroes, the struggling Troy Tulowitzki. This was the longest ballgame in 15 years.

There were a million things that one could focus on in this one. This is the kind of ballgame that I dream of being a spectator at.

The amazing thing is another two teams (Washington and New York) played a 14 inning game last night that paled in comparison. That won’t happen on too many nights in your baseball-fandom lifetime.

Let me just try to touch on a few highlights:

-Willy Taveras got 10 at-bats

-The game featured no fewer than 10 pinch hitters

-Manny Corpas blew his second save of the season in the 14th inning. This forced his team to play nearly another full ballgame. On getaway day.

-Kip Wells lowered his ERA to 1.84 and picked up his first win of the season, firing 4 innings of scoreless relief.

-When the game began I was getting ready for bed. When it ended I was just a few short hours from grabbing my lunch pail.

-There was 2 combined earned runs in 22 innings. There was 658 pitches and 413 of them were strikes. Not a single home run.

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