Note About Prince Fielder

Just want to point out that through 15 games last season, Prince Fielder had 1 home run and 7 RBI. I like to think that I know this game and the men who play it very well. I live it, I study it, I love it.

If you’re reading this I’m telling you that there are many players in slumps right now, while some might not come out of it; Prince Fielder is as sure of a bet to come out of his suddenly and regain form in a huge way. He has excellent power still and hits in a great lineup. The guy’s power didn’t disappear because he’s eating more tofu and less chicken. It doesn’t work that way. When he strikes a ball well, it will go. He’s just pressing at the plate and this thing has taken on a life of it’s own. It happens to every ballplayer at every level when you get to high school and above.

He needs to just relax, keep riding it out and keep showing up, and just see the ball hit the ball.

This blogger thinks that Prince Fielder will be busting out of his slump in a big way very soon, and I’m talking a 2 HR game and 6 HR week. Then the talk will be gone, except for Prince big pimpin’ again that is.