Wiser men have tried & failed

Remember over a year ago when we were trying to ‘Beat the Streak’ on MLB.com and win $1,000,000? We’re still trying. We have been trying since 2005 and haven’t managed to do it yet. In fact, no one in the history of the game has managed to do it. So we’ll track it throughout the year and see how it’s going for us.

Right now we’ve got a 6-game streak going and Albert Pujols swinging for us tonight. Last night we were talking to our fiance about our chances at actually winning that million and hitting in a 57th straight game. We were talking about the party we’d have if we even got to say…. 50 games, or dare we say, the night of the 56th game.

There has to be someone who can do this. It’s not impossible. I mean surely if I had nothing else to do with my life I could find the time to sit around and research a guy who’d get a hit that night for sure. Right? Well I’ve had nothing to do with my life for the last few weeks and I’ve still only got a week long streak going. Come to think of it I have had nothing to do with my life for the past few years except for baseball, and the longest streak I’ve ever achieved on the game has been 14 I believe. That was my senior year of college when my mind was consumed with booze and other sins of the night.

Stay tuned as we update our pursuit (along with the rest of humankind’s) of ‘Beat the Streak’.