Hey Kid; Have a Weekend

He’s fucking King Kong, that’s who he is. It’s very early, and I don’t want to jinx things like I always do; but that Schyster job that I pulled off several days ago might turn out to be a real stroke of genius that I can hang my hat on for years to come.

Justin Upton had a career game tonight, and although it’s a young career that we speak of; it must be notated. He singled in his first two at-bats, and hit a monster 3-run home run to center field in his third at-bat. He added a sac fly in his final plate appearance, making for a career high 4-runs batted in the 10-3 victory.

Speaking of his two-month call up last season:

“That two months was big for me, just being able to jell with the team for one, to be able to see some of the pitchers and be able to get a feel for what the big leagues were like,” Upton said. “It would be a lot different if I was coming in and this was my first go-round.”

It’s fun to see a kid develop and have it play out like I saw it before it happened. I didn’t see it with Albert Pujols, and I regret leaving him on the waiver wire his rookie year in fantasy baseball to this day.

It’s not just Upton that is making these DiamondBacks go. They’ve now won 8 games in a row, and they’re just a team that has been built very well. They’re impressive. More than that they’re fun to watch. Eric Byrnes, Connor Jackson, Chris Young, Stephen Drew, Brandon Webb, Tony Pena, Dan Haren, Mark Reynolds. This is quietly a very fan-friendly roster.

You’re witnessing a team that can withstand the long season and maybe put together a surprising run like the 2001 Mariners.