Your Inaugural Wrap and Recap

I’ll tell you, it certainly seems to me like offense is down a bit. Now I’ve heard a conspiracy theory that Bud Selig has told Major League Baseball umpires to go ahead and open up the strike zone by a wider margin so that offense drops and it looks like the steroid problem has left with Barry Bonds. Now it’s just a conspiracy theory; but that said it just seems like a lot of offenses (and big time hitters) are struggling out of the gate. Could be coincidence.

I’m enjoying a Skoal Mint right now. It’s my lunch. While I enjoy my lunch; I’ll give you the nightly wrap and recap. You know the drill. Highlight the best games of the previous day/evening. Just in case you missed it from the billion sports syndicates that are available to you in various forms of mass media today.
Hafner hits the blast that may set the tone for the Tribe
The Angels probably loved it when the fantasy baseball geeks of the world declared Scot Shields the new closer, now that K-Rod has a boo boo. They decided to get tricky, trying to pull the wool over our eyes with Justin Speier. The former Indians reliever gave up a 2-run blast to Hafner, and Jake Westbrook went the distance for the Indians, not blowing his own lead like Joe Borowski did on the previous night. The Angels better hope K-Rod is okay. Note: I’m glad he got dinged up a day after I traded Papelbon. Dick. [Box]
How long before The Dugout gives him the name ‘UptonGirl10’
In my first night as an owner of Justin Upton, he didn’t go yard. He didn’t even get a hit (did have an RBI though). The Dbacks didn’t need it. Mark Reynolds hit his 5th homerun of the season and Doug Davis threw 6 innings of solid baseball for the DiamondBacks 5th win in a row. [Box]
The Tigers are the only team who can still achieve 0-162
Kevin Youkilis highlighted the Boston offense with 3 hits and 2 RBI, while Dice-K lowered his ERA to 1.47 after 3 starts. I don’t know what is more unlikely: this start by the Tigers or the start by Matsuzaka. Either way, we know that both will be coming to an end soon. If Jim Leyland would have ‘quit’ tobacco products like Terry Francona; odds are he’d have fallen off the wagon by now. And who could blame him. [Box]
Ok. Who are these assholes disguised as Baltimore Orioles players?
The Orioles are now 6-1. Maybe Peter Angelos knew something we didn’t when he shipped out Erik Bedard, or maybe he’s just cheap and the warts aren’t showing yet. Either way, They’ve won six in a row and no one can take it away from them. Aubrey Huff (4 hits) and Luke Scott (first homer as an Oriole) led the charge against the Texas pitching staff. [Box]
The smell down there is getting stronger
After Eric Gagne blew his first save, some ignored the stench. But after allowing a 2-out home run in the 9th to Corey Patterson; the stink down there is stronger than it’s ever been. Gagne blew another save last night, only to have it work out perfectly for a Brewers win in 10 innings. Gagne might be a blown save away from set-up duties for life. Also, where has my powerful Adam Dunn gone? Can we get this guy some protection in the lineup so he can stop walking and hitting singles? Please? [Box]