Not as gramatically sound as Tom Emanski

As I watched this video of Jose Canseco’s baseball camp, I wondered what thoughts he had in his head as he was working with these youngsters. I wondered if he’s thinking the whole time ‘these stupid little fuckers are worthless and will never be ballplayers’. It’s hard to say but not out of the real of possibility (and that would explain all the twitching he does). I guess after hearing about how bad Jose was for showing up to any affair that didn’t interest him, the kids were lucky he even made an appearance.

Not excluded from this video is that bad and incomplete English in which Jose spoke for much of his young career. No wonder all Jose wanted to do back in those days (according to his ex-wife Jessica) was ‘eat, fuck, and “where Iguana?” ‘. Painted on pants, sleeveless tee, full mullett and those little white helpless pixie shoes.