The A's/Red Sox boycotting series in Japan

Members of the Boston Red Sox voted unanimously that they will boycott the trip to Japan to open the regular season if coaches of the team are not compensated for the trip.

According to the Providence Journal:

“This is a time where we wish we could help,” said Youkilis. “Tito is going to fight and battle and that’s his personality. And, he’s doing the right thing by fighting for his coaches. It’s ridiculous because these guys are the ones who make it happen and they need to reap the benefits. There is a lot of money to be made on this trip, in a lot of different aspects, so everyone who is involved should be handled in the proper way. Hopefully we can get this resolved.”

Youkilis talked to the players this morning. If MLB doesn’t settle the situation, then the players would take care of it in house.

“This isn’t a good thing,” he said. “We’re going to Japan and we don’t want to deal with all of this. We’ll make it work because we have great players.”

I got an idea. How about Major Leaguers do their jobs and go out and play. If they’re unhappy about the amount of compensation that their coaches are making on a cross-world trip, cough up a little bit and ‘scrap’ together a fund.

It would be similar to me sacrificing $80-100 to a friend if I was disgruntled about how they were being paid. It’s money, but its hardly an amount that would break the back of Major Leaguers.

Every time you look at these guys the wrong way they want to strike about something. It’s not right.