Throwing it around

Happy friday night my baseball fan brethren (and sistren). We’ll continue to pound out as many team previews as possible this weekend, while we trudge on through the spring and onto opening day. Hang on tight, baseball’s best links of the day are up next.

-There’s a new Reds blog in town, and the author believes Jay Bruce has just earned a one-way ticket to AAA Louisville [Seeing Red]
-Our friend The Duk’ is headed to Arizona next week. Check out this blog, it’s a great one. All baseball all the time. [Y! Sports Big League Stew]
-The best Kansas City Royals blog I’ve found thus far. [BallStar]
-Six teams previewed believed to be below .500, and the Reds are named. NO! [Ground Rule Double]
-I wish Gus Johnson did baseball games. [Los Angeles Daily News]
-If weed was the reason I didn’t have Bonds’ #762 home run ball, I’d quit smoking it. [Deadspin]
-Derek Jeter clearly wants to rack some Virginia Tech co-ed ass. [Sports By Brooks]
-The Redlegs pullin’ a scam. []