Uh, yeah. We’ll be at Opening Day in Cincinnati; again.

Last night I rewarded myself and my fiance with Opening Day tickets to Cincinnati for what will be my 4th straight trip to the festivus holiday across the river from Kentucky. Last year was excellent. 2004 was the best, there is none higher.

For 2008, I’m just hoping for a Reds win; and of course an Adam Dunn homer.

Last year there was the Omega Weekend and the shit-show that was Hoffbrahaus. Who knows what is in store for this year. I’ll be with the wifey, and I’m a year older and a year calmer. Still, Wrestlemania is the night before, there’s that great parade (Eric Davis and George Foster were there last year) and maybe I can get my girl to check out the Reds Hall of Fame with me or Skyline Chili.

She wants Hibachi at Benihana; maybe we’ll even see Eddie Encarnacion.

The possibilities are both magical, and endless when one attends Opening Day. A season of hope awaits, comrades.