On Baseball Prospectus

I went to Barnes & Noble the other night and enjoyed some of the freebie’s that it allowed me. Their top 100 Prospects for 2008 have been made public, with Wonder Kid Jay Bruce being ranked #1 overall in baseball and Homer Bailey at #9.

I read what BP had to say about Jay Bruce, and I’ll paraphrase here:

They began comparing Bruce to Larry Walker. They started to talk in terms of his enormous potential and mentioned his very strong leadership skills. Basically, Bruce checks out perfectly in this area and figures to be a clubhouse leader before he’s of age. He’s a mature kid who will lead with his play but won’t be afraid to step in and lead by saying something.

They then talk about his skills and how he rates out on the 75 point point scale by scouts. Bruce’s bat is rated out at a 60, his speed at a 55, his arm at 60, his power at 65, and his fielding at 55 but 60 if he is in right field and not in center. They go onto talk about how if he plays center for the long term, he will not be able to put on the body build needed to produce the numbers that a power hitter of his potential would.

Overall I’d reccomend this read to the die-hards out there, as they talk about the best young prospects in baseball in some depth and outline team lineups in 2010.