Looking at the Real Bright Side

The True Future of Cleveland Sports

I haven’t touched on the story of C.C. Sabathia basically coming out this week and declaring that contract talks can wait until the season is over. This one hurts, and basically is a signal that Sabathia doesn’t plan on giving us Indians fans the hometown discount to remain an Indian. He wants to break the bank like Johann Santana. The subject recently made it’s way onto Jim Rome’s nightly show; as Rome acted like it is a foregone conclusion that we are going to lose Sabathia at season’s end, or we can trade him while being in a pennant race of our own. He said it was a lose lose situation for the Indians but reminded Cleveland fans to ‘look on the bright side, at least we still have Lebron James; even though he’s definitely leaving too,’
Rome then reminded us of the all-to-familiar song and dance of star athlete leaving Cleveland for greener pastures (literally $) elsewhere.

Frustration was my first emotion to set in. I wanted to kick Rome in the balls for acting like it is for sure that not only Lebron, but ‘Cookie Cookie’ Sabathia was going to leave as well. How the hell does he know this? I wanted to rip his little square head off through my television set. Then I started thinking about how this was the reason that I was struggling to drum up any interest in the NBA: because one day soon Lebron will spurn the city of Cleveland and walk out of town by his own admissions.

Following these emotions of fury and panic there was a calm to the storm.

The fella who roams center field for the Cleveland Indians. #24. Just 25 years young. Already a world of accomplishment in baseball. A looming superstar. He’s still got a world of possibilities in baseball and can change the way it is played. He could be a 40-40 talent. He could become a .315 hitter. More than anything he’s a guy that can do things at times that are so clutch you never forget the moment. That is what baseball is all about. Making memories that last a lifetime.

When I find myself worrying or a bit upset that we just might lose Lebron, or the big fella C.C. Sabathia; I will be thinking about what we have. I know some will want to remind me of Fausto Carmona, but he is no Sabathia and he won’t be. Some willl want to talk about Victor Martinez or Travis Hafner or even the next big thing; Asdrubial Cabrera. None of them cancel out the hurt of the loss like Sizemore does.

Now there’s only one thing left to do (for this year)…..

/Major League quote ‘Win Whole Fucking Thing’/