You bet he did it

The story is big time news and it’s breaking. The Government has said Barry Bonds tested positive for steroids in November of 2001, just months after hitting his 73rd and single season record setting home run.

He’s not necessarily going to be grilled and sent to prison just yet:

“At trial, the government’s evidence will show that Bonds received steroids from Anderson in the period before the November 2001 positive drug test, and that evidence raises the inference that Anderson gave Bonds the steroids that caused him to test positive in November 2001,” U.S. Attorney Joseph Russoniello wrote.

So here is the feds spending all this money to bust these big time cheats, and they’re still walking around as free men. Not only that, but why are we just now hearing about a positive test that happened some 6+ years ago? Why was Bonds allowed as a free man to break Hank Aaron’s all-time record? This is a comical country we live in at times.

In case you’re wondering, Barry Bonds is still a free agent. We don’t forsee a situation in which Bonds ever gets another Major League at-bat. We also don’t think he cares at this point; as long as he’s not wearing prison orange.