Let the countdown begin

The long, depressing, shameful offseason is almost over. Things get a lot better for sports fans in March. You get fantasy baseball drafts, the NCAA Tournament, and some spring training games to tide you over for the cornucopia that is Opening Day and the MLB Regular Season upcoming in April. Plus there’s no Valentines Day, the cause of many a light wallet for a fellow on this day.

If we’re considering the Cincinnati Reds the starting point of discussions of Opening Day, and we will because the Reds are the only team to open at home each and every year since baseball started, then we only have to wait until March 31st, just past 2:00 PM.

We think back to Opening Day 2007, when we were there. Things were great that day. We’ll just have to wait another month to see if things turn out as great in 2008’s Opening Day.