Clemens' supposed day of reckoning

There is a trial raging on as this post is being drummed up. I’ve watched about an hour+ of these hearings; and there’s been some good stuff.

-Brian McNamee reveals that he saved the old evidence because he felt that in the end, Roger Clemens was going to look out for number 1. He believed that Clemens would try and protect himself, and the former cop knew that the Rocket would be willing to throw anyone and everyone under the bus in the process.

-Roger Clemens has said all along he was not at Jose Canseco’s party that took place sometime around June 8-10, 1998. The Clemens family nanny at that time says otherwise, that she and the children as well as Mrs. and Mr. Clemens were staying at Jose Canseco’s house during those dates. This all comes after it is said that Clemens would not provide the courts with the babysitters contact info until after he’d made attempts to speak to her. When he spoke with her, it was for the first time in many many years and it was to ‘remind her’ that he was not at Canseco’s party, and that’s why she didn’t remember it.

-Jessica Canseco/Fisher said also she remembered Debbie Clemens being at the Canseco house for the supposed party when Clemens decided to do steroids.

-On a back-burner, Chuck Knoblauch supposively has a very sad admission about his usage and coming clean to his family. This came from US Representative Mark Souder. Keep your eyes open for this story to shake out in the next few days.

-Overall, Clemens looks more nervous and shifty than Mcnamee. He is looking like a liar and a squirmer. I could be 100% wrong but Clemens just doesn’t appear to give off that of an innocent man. I’d be willing to bet my life on it that he is lying and what Brian Mcnamee is saying is true. The amazing thing is, both swore on congress to tell the whole truth…. and both gave dramatically different stories than the other. Someone is lying.