Schilling deal may be void

Curt Schilling is ailing due to his arm and this has the Boston Massholes up in arms, literally. Curt Schilling responded promptly on his own blog:

At the time we negotiated the 2008 contract I passed all physical exams and testing, as well as the MRI the club required me to take. I knew in my heart of hearts that the extra time I was giving my arm to rest this winter would in fact be the cure for what I went through the entire 2007 season. I had a strong desire to not have to go through multiple cortisone injections in my shoulder for another year. There was absolutely no reason for anyone involved to believe I would be anything other than completely healthy and ready for the 2008 baseball season.

The Boston Herald is confirming that the injured wing is a serious deal, and that Schilling’s 1-year, $8 million dollar deal could be voided by the team. The injury is believed to be as serious as a frayed labrum or slight rotator cuff tear. Believe me, if that is the case we’ve probably seen the last of ’38’.

Baseball sources have indicated that the club has at least inquired about the possibility of voiding the one-year, $8 million contract Schilling signed last November. It is not known to what lengths the Sox have gone on the matter, but their threat has been serious enough to create a conflict between Schilling and the Red Sox

I’m going to be honest on this one. You deserve that. If this was the New York Mets; there’d be reason for concern. This is not. The Boston Red Sox are stacked with or with-out Curt Schilling as part of their rotation. In fact, I’m not sure they’re not better in the long-term without him throwing a single strike in 2008. It would be nice when you have an injury to a starter you’re paying $8 million a year to (most teams are lucky to have 1, the Red Sox have 3) to be able to fill in with a guy who has already thrown a no-hitter (Taylor Bucholz). The Massholes will also want to mention John ‘Lesta’. He’s good as well. Curt Schilling hasn’t been an impact pitcher since the 2004 World Series. He’s very ordinary at his best and the Red Sox probably won’t miss him. How little will they miss him? You’ll have to wait until Opening Day eve to get my predictions and find out.

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