Roger robbed this photo-shoot of 'sexy' with the Cowboy boots

In case you were wondering where Debbie Clemens stood on this whole steroid thing; and whether or not she gave her husband, the Rocket; a Texas-sized scoldin’ for using these foreign substances, you now have your answer:

Meanwhile, it is being reported that Brian McNamee told Congressional investigators that he injected Debbie Clemens with human growth hormone to get her ready for her Sports Illustrated swimsuit photos.

Debbie, it wasn’t worth it hun if you are going to let Rog’ sneak into the photo shoot in those wretched Cowboy boots.

Seriously though, this is pretty crazy if true. My initial though is that it is true. I don’t think Mcnamee is lying about much. He would have limited amounts to gain by lying and needlessly destroying the lives of the Clemens family. I also think back to the book Juicy written by Jose Canseco’s wife, Jessica Canseco. Jessica did similar acts to look good in swimsuits, as if they were some type of designer drug like Botox. Not that this makes it certain that Debbie Clemens did the same; but you can draw inferences. I knew I read that book for a reason.