Steroids Aren't Cool, Kids

Roger Clemens’ trip to Capitol Hill turned out with him smelling like a rose; and if you don’t know where Capitol Hill is, just know that you don’t want to end up there in any sort of trial.

Clemens’ former trainer Brian Mcnamee’s team of lawyers provided pictures of the evidence that were turned over to congress. In the picture were gauze pads, syringes, and of all else; a Miller Lite beer can from 2000 that was fished out of Clemens’ trash can and used to hold the steroid emptied needles.

America’s youth who follow the game of baseball should let this be a lesson to them. I hope that this picture sticks with them that steroids are something indeed negative. That steroids do not represent Hummers, sports cars, and fast women and most importantly a shot at the big leagues. Steroids should be pictured to them as bloody gauze pads, a filthy old beer can, and a possible tarnished reputation.