MLB2K8: The Official Video Game of Diamond Hoggers

Please mark March 3, 2008 on your calendars MLB fans. This will be the date that Major League Baseball 2K8 becomes available for home video game consoles. You might ask why this is the official video game of Diamond Hoggers. I answer you with, it’s the only baseball game available for the XBOX 360 console. Yep. Sad but true. So no matter how fucking brutal it is or how many homerun robbing catches there are per game I’m going to have to ride it out.

I think back to a time when I was playing RBI Baseball on the Nintendo, and I wonder why I’d complain about anything. As long as the game features The Dunner, and I can put in a lipper while building a dynasty, I’ll be happy.

I just kind of wish the hoopla was made about a baseball videogame like it was with the NFL’s Madden.