If you're going to play like 'chit, you might as well look good doing it!

The Devil Rays no longer want to have anything ‘Devil’ associated with them. They just want to be known as the Rays. If they think that will help them compete with the Red Sox and the Yankees I give them credit. It would be good for baseball if they were no longer the doormat of Major League Baseball. They’ve also added new uniforms. It’s a nice touch, no doubt.

James Shields worked out a deal to get rich (7-years, $44 Million). Today, they locked up Carlos Pena to a nice 3-year deal. They cut the ties with Delmon Young, who looks to be the next Jermaine Dye; but with an attitude.

Basically, just wanted to get a post up of the Rays new uniforms. They won’t get enough of these posts once the season starts.

Note: Credit OMDQ with the save on this one; reminding me it was James Shields and not Scot who signed. I knew that but I was tired at the time of writing the article.