'Nick the Dick' comes with a price tag

Back when I was a freshman in college, Nick Swisher was a senior up the road at Ohio State University. My high school teammate dated a girl who also attended Ohio State. She was a ‘diamond darling’. These girls were the designated sluts girls for the baseball team at Ohio State to get some help from. They’d lick the player’s balls get foul balls, help out with any old little thing, and attend all the parties. My buddy was drug to every baseball party that year with his girlfriend. It eventually was probably their downfall as a couple. He didn’t think it was quite as cool as she did. Moral of the story, he’d always talk about the ring leader of this frat like group of guys.

That ring leader was none other than the guy they’d call ‘Swish’. He was more affectionately known as ‘Nick the Dick’ Swisher. He was known as this because he’d fuck around with all kinds of women; black, white, purple, chinese, lebanese, fat, skinny, ugly, etc. He’d take anything. All the while he was with a girl whom I believe he’s still with. I’ve heard he hasn’t changed his ways. When he saw a split-tail, he would pretty much hold rank on it. He saw it as his. It was his birth right.

Nick the Dick was traded to the Chicago White Sox for some very impressive prospects. I thought Swisher was a building block of this franchise, I was wrong aparently.

The White Sox made out well and will reap the benefits of this trade for the next few years.