Clemens' interview highlights big weekend in sports

We’re still a few weeks away from the season previews; but there is still baseball news. This weekend the 60 minutes Roger Clemens interview airs, on sunday night to be exact. This is sure to be a telling and detailed prophecy of the big leaguer’s rampant steroid use a flipping, flopping, writhering, squirming 20 minute segment.

Clemens will make the case that shot in his ass was B-12, not steroids. And I’ll tell you that Clemens is full of shit, and a liar. Brian Mcnamee says so.

Other than that whole fiasco, there’s a pretty big NBA game, if you’re into that. Most of all, the NFL Playoffs get started with the wildcard weekend.

Back for a recap of the Clemens interview sometime sunday night. Enjoy the weekend everyone.