Throwing it around: More Mitchell goodies

It’s been too long since it’s been thrown around here in hogger land. It’s time to see what the net is saying about baseball, and of course that big time Mitchell report:

*By the way, I’m shocked that the Boone brothers escaped the list. For now.

  • Cincinnati Reds blogger John Fay reacts. The Reds had no idea Mike Stanton was going to get fingered. (Cincinnati Enquirer)
  • View many of the key pages in the Mitchell report. (Deadspin)
  • The all snubbed Mitchell Report team. (Bugs and Cranks)
  • Now that the names are out, some good questions exist. (The Big Lead)
  • The New York Mets got hit with steroid guilt today. (The Mets are Better than Sex)
  • There are more questions than answers with this report. Also, every picture I see of George Mitchell gets increasingly more frightening. What is it with this guy and close-up, creep shots? (The Diatribe)
  • Someone guessed that our boy Adam Dunn was on the Mitchell Report. Well you guessed wrong, son. (LairdNYC)
  • How many people are done with card collecting now that the cardboard heroes have been ousted as cheats? (Wax Heaven)