Breaking News: Joe Torre rejects Yankees $5 million offer

The Joe Torre era in New York is over. Today, Torre rejected a $5 million dollar, 1 year contract from Brian Cashman and George Steinbrenner. Torre had flown to Legends Field in Tampa, the spring home of the Yankees for an unplanned meeting with the Yankees front office hubs.

Ultimately, Torre should take some of the heat–but at the same time he was working with expired milk on the roster for a while. He wasn’t given the replenished young players to go out and win, but tired and over the prime veterans who were overpriced and tough to trade due to their high dollar contracts.

Torre will be remembered for his 4 World Championships and the #6 he wore on his back, which in the future will probably be retired by Yankees management. It was a fine run, and now that it’s over baseball must most likely say goodbye to one of it’s greatest managers of the modern era, if not ever.