The Top 10 Reasons Manny Ramirez raised his arms after his ALCS Homerun

10. In Manny’s World, hitting a baseball between the foul polls is a field goal.

9. It was a Red Sox gesture of surrender.

8. Manny was showing Indians pitchers the rib they were going to be throwing four seamers at all Spring Training.

7. Manny forgot where he was supposed to run.

6. Flashing back to when he was with the Indians, Manny was trying to start the wave.

5. Knowing he’d earned some TV face time, Ramirez was showing off his Whopee Goldberg homage ‘doo.

4. He wanted to get his hands above the level of the sea of fawning spoog that the TV announcers had been spurting his way all series long.

3. Manny is a classless jerk.

2. It was a signal directed at the Red Sox GM, meaning: “If you think my last contract was bad, the next one’s going to be freakin’ armed robbery baby!”

1. Manny isn’t too good at math and didn’t realize that two plus one wasn’t greater than seven.

I don’t know why, but we picture Manny Ramirez having the mentality of the Buffoon (Adam Sandler).