NLDS Game 1: Colorado wins 1st postseason game in history

It was again Matt Holliday who delivered the crushing blow, and again it was the Rockies who were victors. The team from Colorado has now won 14 of 15 ballgames, and had a nice showing in their first postseason game since 1995 when they were beaten 3 games to 1 by the Braves at this same stage in the playoffs.

Jeff Francis got the win, and was dominating in his first postseason start. This game might have been played in a bandbox ballpark, but it was a day for pitchers. Francis struck out the first 4 Phillies he faced, and ended with a total of 8 on the day. The Rockies then got 3 innings of perfect baseball from their bullpen including a perfect 9th from closer Manny Corpas. The only signs of life shown by the Phils all day were back to back homeruns by Aaron Rowand and Pat Burrell.

Ryan Howard went 0 for 4 with 3 strikeouts and Cole Hamels went 6 2/3 innings striking out 7 and walking 4 in the loss. Colorado’s 3-run 2nd inning was what won them the game in this one, along with sound defense and good pitching. The two teams play tomorrow at 3:00 on TBS.

By the way, how does everyone like the playoff games being on TBS? My friend who doesn’t have cable just became aware of it, and said ‘what’s the world coming to?’. To be honest, I feel like I’m watching NBA. Ernie Johnson? David Aldrige? Baseball on TNT? In-game updates from the studio? It smells like burning to me.

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