Diamond Hoggers' League Division Series Picks

We’re not going to break down every series. We’ll let the other great sites around the web do that. We’ll have some reaction and some takes on each game as they come through, but we wanted to submit our picks the way we see it here at Diamond Hoggers. Afterall, we are two guys who know more about the game than anyone else right? We’ll have to see if that holds true during our picks. The big one is the last series listed, where the two editor’s teams take on eachother. Something has to give. They can’t both advance. Someone’s team is going home after 3 losses. Seemingly the entire world is picking the Yankees. I say the Indians write the final and most convincing chapter in what has been the best year in Cleveland’s sports history ever. This Indians team just has the make up of a Champion.

There will be a full series preview for the Yankees-Indians series coming tomorrow, with corraboration from both editors, and their view points. And I don’t want to hear how the Yankees have won every game they’ve played against the Indians this season. The Indians did win once. In the preseason.

Colorado Rockies vs. Philadelphia Phillies:

Editor George- Phillies in 4

TheNaturalMevs- Phillies in 3

Chicago Cubs vs. Arizona DiamondBacks:

Editor George- Arizona in 5

TheNaturalMevs- Cubs in 5

Anaheim Angels vs. Boston Red Sox:

Editor George- Boston in 4

TheNaturalMevs- Boston in 4

*New York Yankees vs. Cleveland Indians:

Editor George- Yankees in 4

TheNaturalMevs- Indians in 5