10 Ribbies for Garret Anderson

I think it is only fair that when you do something phenomenal like strikeout 17 hitters, or when you drive in 10 runs, you make a blog that is about baseball no matter who the editor is. I know if someone from the Reds or Indians had done it, I’d be writing today how it was a life-altering experience.

Angels outfielder Garret Anderson had quite a night last night against the Yankees. He drove in 10 runs and homered twice, all was done by the 6th inning.

Look at it this way. Last night’s RBI total of 10, now account for 20% of his total RBI on the season (50). The same could be said for the 2 homeruns last night, now accouting for 20% also of his overall season value now (8). He’s still hitting .281, which is right around what he’s done his whole career. This guy has been a solid, yeoman type player in one uniform his whole career and he will eventually get his dues possibly long after he is gone.

44,000+ fans in Anaheim got to witness the night of his career at age 35. The worst part of it for me is, I dropped him from my fantasy baseball team just 2 days ago.

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