Gaetti dolls, and lots of Santana K's

It was nearly a perfect day for the Minnesota Twins. Bobblehead dolls of one of Major League Baseball’s ugliest ballplayers in history, Gary Gaetti, were served up to the fans in attendance. My remembering of Gaetti was always thinking he was just awful looking, I mean like; makes Jason Werth look like Brad Pitt. I always had those thoughts but there was no one to bring it up with in conversation. Then one day Gaetti was at the plate when my baseball watching friend Justin spotted him as we were watching the game in my basement. All he said was “Ew. Yuck.” Yeah it was that bad. The other thing I remember about Mr. Fish-hook nose, would be that God awful batting helmet he wore with no flaps. It wasn’t doing him any favors. Hopefully the bobblehead doll did him true justice.

Now we’re not Minnesota Twins fans and we haven’t had reason to give them much run this season, they’re just a mediocre ballclub and Francisco “Lights Out” Liriano is waiting for another few months to launch his return. However, when a star pitcher like Johann Santana takes the team on his shoulders, allows only 2 base hits (to Sammy Sosa of all unlikely), and strikes out 17 Texas Rangers in a 1-0 victory, a post goes out to honor that all in itself.

Afterall, they were giving away Gary Gaetti dolls, and he’s just awful looking.

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A (near) perfect day. (Coffeyville Whirlwind)