Indians fighting to just hold on

If you’re going to win a pennant, games like last night need to happen. The Tribe got just enough to win the ballgame, a double early from Sizemore and a bloop hit from Garko to score the first run. The second run scored due to an error on a sac fly. This was one of my favorite road games of the year for the Indians.

Paul Byrd battled for 6 innings and got out of jams to improve to a gritty 11-5 on the season. Joe Borowski quietly got his 34th save of the season. This team just fights with grit, fights their way out of corner after corner. Somehow if you’ve been watching them all year, you just believe it is in the cards and they will not fold. Something special awaits this bunch.

Oh and by the way, if you’re keeping score at home: Edwin Jackson, touted as the next Satchell Paige by some Dodger fans and Reds fans, is now 3-12 on the season. I’m sure glad the Reds never listened to their fans and traded Adam Dunn for this guy.

Baseballs and Goofballs game #121 (The Tribe Source)

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