Where have you gone, Editor George?

It has been quite some time since we’ve seen our good friend Editor George; yes it has. But what has he been up to? What has he been doing? Will we ever see him again? All questions I don’t have the answers to. If the picture above is any hint; and it is, you might guess what he’s been up to.

When this blog was born, George was not under the spell of a two-legged dear. He was not tempted by the temptress. We were just two kids, with one big dream. We wanted to start a baseball blog that featured us being idiots, and also featured one of our other favorite hobbies; chewing on Skoal. We did that; and 20,000 + hits later things really got bigger than we ever planned. In just several short months we have became one of the most read baseball publications on the internet, and we couldn’t have done it without you, or without editor George. Afterall, he was our college roomate, teammate, and he named this blog. It sounded a little stupid at first, but it was his thing dude.

I guess that was then, this is now. I’m left here as the sole editor of Diamond Hoggers, to pick up the pieces and try and move on. Running a baseball blog that dubs itself as ‘An informative and humorous look at Major League Baseball by two guys who know the game better than anyone else.’ What else can I do? I’m not gonna abandon ship. I like this place. The readers like it. Sure it hasn’t went as we planned it, but it’s still our little place on the world wide web to talk shop about baseball, and whatever else pops into our head about alchohol, dip, and you know, stuff.

Yes, editor George has sold us out, for a girl. He has forgotten what is important, and a place that loved him long before she ever did. All he has to offer are unfulfilled promises and a list of excuses a mile long. It’s alright, we’re not mad at him, just wonder why it is so hard to go along with what was planned, man. I’ll tell you why it’s hard, because he doesn’t give a fuck. Do you give a fuck? Well do ya?

I’ll finish this entry with something that deals with what the two editors of this blog love: Casino, the movie, and baseball. All we can hope is that someday, in some small way, editor George hears the cry for help, realizes what a fuck he’s been and is being, and comes back to us here at Diamond Hoggers. Until then, this blog only has one editor.