Throwing it around

Happy hump day in Hogger land. The season is getting late, and just two months from now we’ll be talking postseason baseball. The last two months are going to be a fast and furious finish, and fans can only hope that their teams are a part of it. With Bonds 756 out of the way, it’s time to get down to what really matters, wins and losses. With that, we bring you our wednesday link dump:

  • Angels Stadium is overrun with Rats! (AOL Sports)
  • I really want Wayne Krivsky to get fired as well. The guy couldn’t poor piss….well you know. (Baseball Church)
  • The 2008 Hall of Fame candidates will feature David Justice, and Halle Berry is in a shot with him. (The Big Lead)
  • Congrats to Barry Bonds…. I just want to move on from this as well. (The Sports Flow)
  • What happened on 8/8/74? The Twins and Royals locked up in a duel, don’t you remember? (Coffeyville Whirlwind)
  • How to celebrate Barry Bonds. (We are the Postmen)
  • Deadspin editor Will Leitch is going home to see his Cardinals play. It’s always nice to go home again. (Deadspin)