Barry Bonds became Major League Baseball’s all-time homerun king last night with his 756th career homerun off former Cleveland Indian, Mike Bacsik. The homerun was a majestic blast that faded into the seats in right center field, the deepest part of the ballpark at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

A melee ensued for the record setting ball, and my first thought was ‘there is going to be some lawsuits involved for those in that pile’. The measurement of the homerun was approximately 435 feet. The blast was followed up with a heartfelt and classy message from now former homerun king Hank Aaron, who said that he ‘hopes Bonds reaching the homerun record inspires others to reach for their dreams.’

Box Score of 756*

Barry Bonds’ career homerun log (Baseball Reference)

And now a shot of the historic homerun in it’s entirety: