Throwing it around

The Diamond Hoggers Summer Tour is just one short day from beginning. It’s almost the weekend, except we must get through friday. The Simpsons Movie comes out tomorrow night, so stay tuned for some Simpsons-themed goodies. That said, it’s going to be a good ride this weekend. Here are some links to help your baseball fix for this thursday in late Ju-ly:

  • Ryan Howard went walk-off ‘moonshot style’ in the 14th inning last night. Oh yeah and it was Cole Hamels bobblehead night. (The 700 Level)
  • The Boston Red Sox, Simpsonized. (Deadspin)
  • The Cardinals are always hurt, why is that? (Cobra Brigade)
  • The feeble get more feebler. (Cardinals Diaspora)
  • Ozzie Guillen had smoke coming out of his ears last night after the Chi Sox let one slip away to Detroit. (The Heckler)
  • Get a beautiful look of our home away from home, Cincinnati, and Great American Ballpark. (Baseball Church)