Carmona vs. Beckett an Instant Classic

Fausto Carmona was dominating for 8 innings in his start last night against the Boston Red Sox. If you didn’t get to see it, what a shame. I watched the game from first pitch on; and it was truly a classic.

One run decided the game for the second night in a row; and for the second night in a row it was the only run in which was scored. Josh Beckett went the distance striking out 7 Indians, with his only mistake being a homerun he allowed to Franklin Gutierrez.

With the win Carmona matches Beckett with 13 victories to lead the American League, also tying him with teammate C.C. Sabathia. He stepped up and pitched with big game maturity beyond his years, and proved that the Indians just might have something very, very special in this young righthander.

This is the type of game as I said before it to my friend I watched it with; that the Indians needed to ‘make a statement’. The Red Sox are as legitimate a World Series contender as there is right now, and to beat them with their horse on the mound, when he’s at his best…. well that’s what it’s all about baby.

Box Score

Faustatic. (The DiaTribe)