Source: Lofton headed back to Indians

Sure, he’s an asshole, we’ve got the stories to prove it. Beyond that, we loved him. It’s just that when we wanted some simple acknowledgement, he snarled at us. He growled. Suddenly we didn’t want any acknowledgement anymore. More on that later.

He was one of our favorite Indians on that late 90’s Tribe, if not our most favorite (we loved Manny Ramirez too). That said, he’s headed back to Cleveland we’re told. Per our sources:

Texas and Cleveland came to terms today (7/25/07) and the Kenny Lofton deal will be announced by mid-day Thursday. Texas presented with 3 prospects to select and have 48 hours to pull the string. One of the options is believed to be Brian Barton.

This would be excellent, then our boy Grady Sizemore could hit 3rd in the lineup, with Lofton leading off in left. What better way to have some more magic back at Jacobs Field then to have Lofton back in the pasture for one more run, to retire as an Indian.