Throwing it around

Happy friday all. We’re coming to you with a late edition of TIA today, that said we’ve found some nice little baseball tidings, that will never go bad, go away, or go to waste. They’ll be kept here forever for you to read and appreciate. I know the excitement can hardly be contained, so read, read away Hoggers:

  • More on the Ichiro Suzuki contract. I wish someone would agree to pay me until 2032.(The Big Lead)
  • Anytime Joe Morgan gets railed, we’re required to run it. (With Leather)
  • Who’s going to be the next MLB player to bang Alyssa Milano? Is there anyone left?(Deadspin)
  • It’s fantasy camp friday at The Jaunt. Glad my player Brandon Phillips made the list. Don’t look now, editor George–I’ve climbed to 4th place. (The Jaunt)
  • Classic Twins. Puckett. Hrbek. Gaetti. (Coffeyville Whirlwind)
  • Dunn to the Brewers? I think not. (MLB Trade Rumors)