Diamond Hoggers Summer Tour–finalized!

Here’s how it’s going to go, and there is no ‘tenatively’ following this:

Friday, July 27th: Pick up Editor George from Port Columbus Airport at 11:00 PM sharp. Head to local Kickstand Pub to plan out strategy for the weekend.

Saturday, July 28th: Brewers vs. Cardinals in St. Louis, 8:05 start time. Plans to attend the double header early game were shot down by editor George and it was probably a decent idea to be honest.

Sunday, July 29th: Cubs vs. Reds in Cincinnati, 1:15 start time. Then we’ve got over 24 hours to make our way to our next journey.

Monday, July 30th: Philadelphia vs. Cubs in Chicago, 7:05 start time. Call in sick. Just let us make it home alive.