Throwing it around

It’s a monday, monday’s are sucky, especially if your weekend had some negatives on it. We do our best to put on our happy face here at Diamond Hoggers, and bring you some good baseball links that will enlighten or interest you as a reader:

  • He can’t hit for shit, but he is a funny guy. No wonder Chipper Jones hated Adam Laroche. (Deadspin)
  • The Giants might pick up Julio Franco, and they’re thinking of extending Brian Sabean? Come on. (
  • The Cleveland Indians are extending Eric Wedge’s contract through 2010. (The Unnatural)
  • Someone might be more pissed at the Reds than we are. (The Nasty Boys Sports Blog)
  • Josh Hamilton gives fans hope. Get well soon Josh. (Blue-Collar Baseball)
  • Grady Sizemore and his Girlfriend at the All-Star game in San Francisco? (PHOTO)
  • Yes it’s true girls. Grady Sizemore has a girlfriend. He is off the market. Suicide watch for the 100’s that flock in droves and search this page for “Grady Sizemore Girlfriend”. Especially the one who does it from the president’s office at University of Cal-Berkley. (The Big Lead)