10,000 Phailures

Yesterday the Philadelphia Phillies became not only the first team in Major League Baseball to lose 10,000 games, but the first professional sports franchise to lose 10,000 games in the life of the franchise.

This was no simple feat, as the Phillies have been working on it since 1887 in their inception year. The Giants have beaten the Phillies more than any other team in baseball, contributing for over 1,200 of the losses. Robin Roberts lost a nice percentage of these games, and more than any other pitcher with 199 career losses as a Phil.

The future may look bright, but it’s good to know that the Cleveland Browns aren’t the franchise that has endured the most torture and suffering all time, as well as the Reds and Indians in MLB. With the way things are going in Cincinnati, they might not be far off.

(Box Score) of Philadelphia Phillies 10,00th loss

Phillies get that pesky 10,00th loss out of the way. (The 700 Level)